VIDEO: Conor McGregor really wants his UFC championship title belt


The Notorious One continued to be just that. Conor McGregor continued his unrelenting domination in the UFC with a KO win last night in New York’s Madison Square Garden over Eddie Alvarez to become the first fighter in the company to hold two divisional championship titles at the same time. McGregor has become well-known for his vitriolic trash talking of other fighters and his braggadocios post-fight promo with Joe Rogan was all that, and more. McGregor complains that the multi-billion dollar fighting promotion did not immoderately have his second title ready for his celebration, and of course throws in a lot of F-bombs. Teasing a possible cooler head , the UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion teased an apology to fighters he had spoken ill of, but then cut it off saying “he’d like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody!”

NOTE: ‘Adult Language’ is present, but it’s beeped. 

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