Green Day: ‘Still Breathing’ video gets you through the tough times


Green Day hits a evocative tone in the new music video for ‘Still Breathing’ off their latest album ‘Revolution Radio’ which depicts singer Billie Joe Armstrong and several characters seemingly dealing with some unstated challenge. The hunter wanders through the forest, the kid alone in the city, Billie sitting in a car that is not going anywhere, and their all trying to find something in their eyes. You ever see someone on the train or the bus, and you can just tell they are dealing with something quite serious but you are not clear what that is? Well, this song is about that is likely about that challenge to get pass the personal struggles that we all face, whether they be large or small. It doesn’t hurt that there is beautiful sweeping imagery of the seaside here as well.  The song itself is one of the best ‘you will get through this’ anthems that I can recall in recent memory.