VIDEO: 2 Cub fans get too excited, jump in blue Chicago River



So today the city of Chicago is filled with revelry and celebrations for the Chicago Cubs finally capturing the World Series which prompted a massive parade/rally which drew hundreds of thousands of excited fans downtown, but sometimes people get a little too excited, right? Such is the case with this viral video which has already been re-tweeted thousands of times and it’s been up for only a couple of hours. It features two Cubs fans leaping into the Chicago River which was dyed blue for the special occasion today.

DO NOT DO THIS. Though the Chicago River seems fun to kayak in and take an architectural boat tour on, but it is not safe or sanitary to swim in this water way which was once of the most busiest trading routes in North America. It’s also illegal.

Jen DeSalvo from our sister station WLS-AM 890 caught Facebook video of the dying process as it happened today.