Dave Chapelle to host ‘SNL’ after the Presidential Election

Comedy titan Dave Chapelle will be in the hot seat as the host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ on November 12th, which will certainly be an interesting episode as it airs after the results of the Presidential Election. This is surprisingly the first time that Chapelle who came to acclaim with ‘the Chapelle Show’ on Comedy Central in the early 2000’s, has hosted the NBC institution. Chapelle after several years away from the limelight and sporadic live shows, returned to full touring as the headliner of the 2013 Oddball Comedy festival. A Tribe Called Quest will be the musical guest on the Chapelle-hosted SNL episode.

This week the star of Marvel’s ‘Dr. Strange’ Benedict Cumberbatch will have hosting duties at 30 Rockefellar Plaza. It’s also expected that American showbiz treasure Alec Baldwin will continue his residency in the role of Republican candidate Donald Trump with ‘SNL’ star Kate McKinnon playing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.