VIDEO: Bill Murray delivers the best postgame World Series interviews


Bill Murray continues to be the unofficial spirit animal of Chicago Cubs during this historic World Series campaign which concluded with a long-to-be-remembered championship victory in the 10th inning last night against the Cleveland Indians. Murray being Hollywood royalty has casual access to MLB lockerooms, so why not during this celebratory time give one of the funniest Americans comedy stars a mic and let him roam free. And that’s just what Fox Sports did during their post-game coverage last night which saw the ‘Ghostbusters’ star interact with Cub’s GM Theo Epstein, star players Dexter Fowler and Jason Heyward.

Highlights included Murray pitching an idea for bobblehead toy idea to Heyward that would depict his now famous leaning-on-the-wall catch earlier in the World Series. “We need to get a bobblehead of you holding a World Series trophy” quipped After blinking through the sweet sting of champagne, Murray continued on to chat with Epstein who sprayed him with more champagne. “I guess that means I get a 10 day tryout.” said a glowing Murray.

Murray continued to the fun by spraying the local media with champagne on local TV. “Turn the cameras and let her have a sip” said Murray to a local reporter off camera.