Weird scene in the 1975 ‘Somebody Else’ video

Watched this video of the latest single from the 1975 called ‘Somebody Else’, now the track and the formal video associated with it make some clear narrative about a break up in a relationship but this opening non-song scene has Eric (hear him Sundays 3-7pm) and I wondering what is going on. It appears to show singer Matt Healy breaking up with someone’s face we never seen underneath their hair,we never hear any dialogue just garbled noise, and the Healy leaves the scene to start the song. It has all of these oddly timed audience reaction noises, and it’s just weird. So I watched it 4 times in a row, and came to one conclusion.

Based on the main narrative of the song portion of the video and it’s surprise ending, Healy was ‘breaking up’ with some form of himself or past version of who he was in the opening black and white scene.

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Note this video is NSFW and may feature ‘adult situations’.