Tom Morello tells Cubs fans a World Series win “matters to the World”


Former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello (currently busy with Prophets of Rage)  has been a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs, and yesterday the respected musician professed why a World Series win for the Cubbies matters to the world as a whole in an editorial published in the Red Eye. The Libertyville native makes a case for the Cubs while they are down 3-1 against the Cleveland Indians. Here is snippet from Morello’s bleeding-Cubbie-blue love letter.

I truly believe that if this seemingly unredeemable team can make it to the promised land, if the worst of the worst can become the best of the best, then really, ANYTHING is possible. It makes one think. Can the unthinkable actually occur? Forging a just and humane planet? Ending homelessness, hunger and war? Impossible, right? Well, the Cubs winning the World Series has seemed impossible for over a century and yet here we are. And the kind of loyalty, dignity and ferocious after-parties we throw in Chicago just might be a roadmap for world peace and harmony. 

As a White Sox fan, I still found this a piece to be a moving and touching tribute to the Cubs faithful who have stood by the team through thick and thin. You can read the entire editorial here. 

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