RIP VINE: The Six-Second Video app is a goner


The six-second video social website Vine is closing down in the coming months, according to a report today in the New York Times. Twitter which owns Vine, has had some setbacks in the social media wars recently as it’s laying-off 350 jobs within in the company and this is all apparently a part of a much-bigger restructuring. The news comes after months of speculation about the video platform’s future, as many of it’s biggest stars jumped to other more viable video options like YouTube and Facebook Live.

The major theory on the demise of Vine is the rise of video on other social media websites with Instragram’s video additions being highlighted as the most damaging. “I was told many times by people inside of Twitter that Vine never recovered from Instagram’s video launch a few years back. That threat of stealing users and market share was real, and it worked.” said New York Times tech reporter Mike Isaac.

So what happens to all your Vines? The website officials said in a statement online that they would find the “right way” for users to be able to access and download their Vines before they officially close the site. Meanwhile, I am still trying to find out to get back into MySpace so I can remove my ex-girlfriend from my Top 8. Vine is expected to be done for good within the coming months.