‘CLOVERFIELD’ lives on with upcoming ‘God Particle’ movie


The alien-monster world of ‘Cloverfield’ is going to continue with a recently revealed upcoming film produced by J.J. Abrams called ‘God Particle’ due in theaters by late February. The film will follow ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ this year’s cousin to the 2008 found-footage horror film, which involved a woman being held against her will in an underground bunker to avoid an apocalypse above ground. The new film will take the non-linear story of CF into outer space where astronauts fight for their lives after making a “shocking discovery” according to the Wrap. If only we could get this scary flick now for Halloween right?

‘God Particle’ will be released through Paramount and Abram’s Bad Robot production company and  directed by Julius Onah. It carries on Abram’s immersive storytelling across multiple films with puzzle-buried deep in online gorilla marketing. It will be previewed for reporters today in New York and next week in Los Angeles, so we might have a better idea of how it connects to that giant creature that took down a whole city in the first film. You could really go down an internet wormhole looking at all the clues online which connect everything in these movies.