HOLY COW! Will Ferrell kills it as Harry Caray on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’


American comedy treasure Will Ferrell brought the comedy to the World Series hype last night with this hilarious sketch on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ where he revived his memorable portrayal of Cubs announcer Harry Caray. On the ever of the Cub’s first World Series in 71 years, Ferrell interrupted Kimmel to raise spirits and spout off some ill-logical stuff like the “last time the Cubs won the World Series the number 1 TV show was ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'”.

Ferrell also did a Harry Caray send off to ‘Late Show’ host David Letterman last year before the veteran host ended his prolific run on CBS.

The real Harry made a heart-warming appearance on Letterman’s NBC ‘Late Night’ show in 1986 after he celebrated his 42nd year broadcasting pro baseball. Playing off his signature singing of the “Take Me Out to Ball Game”, Caray describes how the tradition of his singing during the 7th inning stretch was a surprise the first time that fans heard him over the loud speakers in their seats. Caray shares tales of covering his memorable sports broadcasting and how he knew he was success because he had worked with a “terrible hangover”.

Ferrel first portrayed this weird yet lovable version of Caray during his run on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the late 90’s, putting the over-sized eye-glasses and working man charm of the beloved broadcasting in fish-out-of-water situations like having Harry host a show about the science of outer space in this classic sketch.

‘Harry’  makes a ‘Weekend Update’  appearance again to look back at the year that was 1997 where he asks that people should “clone hot dogs”.



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