Video: Bill Murray & Harry Caray share a beer at Wrigley Field in ’88


What better time to embrace some Cubs nostalgia than tonight as the Cubs inch closer on their multi-generational quest to the World Series at Wrigley Field, we go back to 1988 when the Northsiders had their first night game on TV with beloved broadcaster Harry Caray being joined in the booth by Evaniston’s own Bill Murray. The interview is jovial and sees the two Chicago luminaries sharing a cold one, while Caray asks Murray about his mother and if the actor would ever want to get into broadcasting baseball after he’s done with performing on the “movie stage, television screen, what have you.”  The best line is Murray saying he wore blue and white so that he would “look like the ground crew, in case (he) got thrown out, (he) could get back in.”

Murray at the time was well into his classic run in films, following a successful stint on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Caray is fondly remembered by sports fans in Chicago for his many years on the air calling both Cubs and White Sox baseball. This clip was posted back in August, what better time to see to lovable guys like this enjoying a night at Wrigley right?

Murray has been quite visible supporter of the Cubs this year, appearing at many playoff games, and even taking over the White House Press Room to talk about the Cubbies playoff journey. Watch that here