AFI tease new album with darkness

AFI are teasing a new album with a great level of intrigue by turning their Facebook and Twitter accounts to black, erasing everything on their Instagram, and then they posted this ominous video today. 

Scary tones. Fall black gobs of goo?! What is going on with Davey Havok and company?  It is certainly setting the table for something big and creepy.

Guitarist Jade Puget spoke about the new yet-to-be-titled album in an interview with Aggressive Tendencies in July, saying they were working on some music. AFI last album was Burials  in 2013, which brought them to Riot Fest in Chicago.  Earlier this year, Puget and AFI singer Davey Havok were busy with Material, a release by their side project Blaqk Audio which made a tour stop in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge.