Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong stars in the upcoming film ‘Ordinary World’


Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is quite busy with his band releasing a new album Revolution Radio this past week, a North American tour (Sold out at Aragon on 10/23), and the recent reveal that his band’s definitive ‘American Idiot’ is being made into a HBO film, but still he has another project to enjoy. Armstrong stars in the independent film Ordinary World where he is not the influential and successful rockstar we’ve grown to know him as in real life, but rather a guy lost in his life, turning 40,and enduring his band’s ten-year long “hiatus” while being a miserable family man. Yep, Armstrong been bit by the acting bug, and he’s quite good at it! The trailer strikes you as a very real and humble alternate version of how life can be sometimes, not always what ideally want and how you deal with that. It gets a limited release in theaters this Friday.

Rolling Stone shared a clip (posted above) from the film, where Armstrong’s character does something foolish in front of rock icon Joan Jett.

The movie features Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia), Selma Blair (Hellboy) and Judy Greer (Archer, Arrested Development) plus new original music from Armstrong.

Watch the full trailer for the movie here.