SNL continues to destroy with Election sketches & TWENTY ONE PILOTS!

Twenty-One Pilots delivered a violin-backed version of ‘Heathans’ on national TV with grand style that we’ve come to expect. Tyler’s red hat is just a fun look right?

The second performance of the night for TOP saw ‘Ride’ which is still in the Billboard Top 10 even though album it comes from ‘Blurryface’ was released 18 months ago. You simply can not stop this duo as they continue become a worldwide phenomenon.

Now the new cast for the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live continued to delivered a solid roasting to the current Presidential candidates in Donald Trump played by actor extraordinaire Alec Baldwin, the always fun Kate McKinnon delivers with Hillary Clinton, and new cast member Mikey Day effortlessly pulled off ‘America’s Dad’ and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.  Let’s forget in comedy like this you need good people to play straigh to set up the big laughter bombs, Cecily Strong a vet of 30 Rockefellar Plaza, provides the perfect support role. She also got a biting line on Trump’s most recent scandal saying that he “finally has a working microphone” in response to the Republican’s

Reunited and it feels so good. Best buddies Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon made an appearance as ‘Two Undecided Voters from suburban Philladelphia’ in Weekend Update (which also roasted Trump like he was a side of beef) along with the continually charismatic Pete Davidson making a plea to retain his youthful good looks. Jimmy Fallon loses his character’s Philadelphia accent here,

One of the more recent highlights in SNL has been the show’s pre-shot music video spoofs and this week’s jab at the awkward narcissism of high school theater geeks in ‘Crucible Cast Party’. If you ever tried out for your high school production a very dramatic play so that you could maybe have a stage kiss with the hottest person in your class, this is right up your alley.