Did somebody order a pizza? 5 trusty bars that welcome pizza delivery


(from redeyechicago.com)

one corner, you have a cozy tavern with a killer beer list. In the other, a pizza joint tempting you to order takeout. You don’t have to choose: For the perfect low-key night out, just put them together. Ordering pizza has become something of a tradition at Chicago bars without kitchens. There are plenty of reasons you’d want to hang out at them — bowling, live music, friendly bartenders — but elaborate food menus aren’t among them. But because food delivery is welcomed, you can call in dinner without ever leaving your bar stool. To aid in your pizza-ordering pursuits, we visited five bars known for the custom and identified popular delivery orders at each, plus beverage pairings to match — though the experts behind the bar suggest you don’t get too hung up on the suggestions. “It’s about whatever tastes good to you,” said Jay Jankowski, manager at Map Room. (MORE HERE)

I love this idea, but what with POSTMATES, GRUBHUB + UBEREATS you can order ANYTHING. Though pizza is always a great choice. My suggestion to these bars is WHY NOT HAVE FOOD AT YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS!!!?? One of the biggest issues in Chicago late night is the large number of bars and pubs that don’t serve food and many times there’s nothing nearby open for miles. Chicago is an amazing food city but it can be difficult to find good late night food unless you know where to go. Plus usually when you’re out drinking you don’t want to wait for food to be delivered. Sometimes you just want A SLICE or a TACO and a beer without waiting 40 + minutes. Would be great to have a few more decent bars WITH food, open late (until 2 am or later) – marconi