Bugs Found On CTA trains might be Bed Bugs or Lice


The CTA provides a public transit alternative to commuting around the city of Chicago but apparently there is something creeepy crawling under the surface of the system used by thousands of Chicagoans each day. A Reddit user going by the handle UeSuRi revealed in a recent post that he had to remove several bed bugs from his clothes and body during a recent Red Line ride. The grossed-out rider also got an examine by a doctor who told him the bugs which he kept in a plastic bag, may have been lice.

DNAInfo reached out to CTA spokesperson who said “the rail car has been removed and treated for pests,” and that CTA officials were “”aware of the recent report and are taking steps to identify and address any issues.” Read the full story here. 

Honestly, this does not surprise me. It is not the worst thing that could happen to you on the CTA. If I had the option, I might take the bugs over having to sit next to the guy who has the speaker blaring his own bad dubstep remixes from a SPEAKER in his backpack or who can forget the human body odor sponge you crammed next to on a packed Blue Line train. When you really consider it, it makes sense that a critter like this would get on the CTA but you think these creatures would have the dignity to at least PAY FOR THE RIDE like the rest of us instead of jumping the turnstyle. Getting around is not easy, and now we know for sure it’s also not clean either. -@kevkellam