Tinder & Spotify team-up to add music to your swiping


Tinder the popular dating app and Spotify one of the biggest music streaming services have collaborated on a new feature that will allow users on Tinder to feature a sample of a song on their profile for Spotify users and non-users. The feature will be called ‘Anthem’ will also allow you to sync your accounts so you share your taste in music. This not the first time that Spotify worked with a dating app, in June they made a similar collaborative feature with Bumble. If you are worried about someone on Tinder seeing that you have listened to “Ice Ice Baby” 15 times in the last week, don’t worry you can hide the more questionable music choices that people can see. 


So if you see some potential in an attractive person you come across, make sure their listening to music that does not suck. Friends don’t let friends date people who listen Nickelback, right? To counter that, someone who you meet on the app who has really cool and fun tracks does that make more attractive on a first glance level? @kevkellam