Chipotle Starts Testing Burrito Delivery Drones!!

burrito drone


It’s every stoned college kid’s dream: EVERYONE’S DREAM!! Flying burritos delivered on demand with the push of a button. And if Chipotle and Alphabet’s Project Wing have their way, that dream could soon become a reality. The companies will start testing their burrito-delivery drones at Virginia Tech next week. Alphabet’s Project Wing, a branch of the behemoth tech company formerly known as Google, announced the tests today, which will include autonomous drones being monitored by human operators. But the drones won’t take off from Chipotle stores with orders. Instead, test participants will order from a special kiosk on campus, prompting the drones to take off from Chipotle food trucks and ultimately lower the packages to the ground. (MORE HERE)

We have a only a short amount of time before they reach Chicago. I need to re-watch season one of MR. ROBOT to learn some hacking skills. FREE BURRITOS FOR EVERYONE!!! Wait, why are these men in white coats here? I was only joking guys!! GEEZZZ!! Wait, you guys got here SO fast. Did anyone bring a burrito? WHAT??? GET OUT!!! – m