The Misadventures of a Man hopping on trains (VIDEO)

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The fine people at Gothamist posted this recently.

Comedian/filmmaker Jeff Seal is breaking rules and having fun in this adventure video where he illegally rides freight trains in the Northeast. He delightfully narrates his journeys of sneaking onto trains as he films all of it with a go-pro on his head which makes him look like a lovable goof. As a CTA rider, Seal latching himself to a city public train door as it closes and riding on the side of the train is utterly terrifying but this guy is just too much fun to get really mad at. NOTE: There is some NSFW language and it goes without saying, DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS! I

It’s kind of crazy he’s not serving a real jail sentence or suffering from any injuries, as train-hopping is incredibly dangerous. Driving down Pulaski near Midway airport on the Southside, I would always look into the rail yards and think how likely it was people were trying to ride the freights around the country like this.

Watch more of Jeff here with his short films and stand up comedy sets.