Trailer for the upcoming Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ (VIDEO)

Oasis is one of the more regarded alternative bands of the their time, who took the world by storm and gained notoriety for their moving music as well their tumultuous in-band fighting. The whole saga of the Gallagher brothers, their soaring rise, and their disastrous fall are all covered in this documentary called ‘Supersonic’ due out in the UK and Ireland in October. Their is no news at this time for a formal release in US theaters but it’s expected to get a digital release in the future. The film is produced by Asif Kapadia who has previously worked ‘Amy’ which covered the life of late singer Amy Winehouse and heavily relies on archival footage with fresh voice over.

The trailer has already sparked rumors of an Oasis reunion but considering how much Noel and Liam Gallagher have been public about their relationship being far from nice, it does not seem likely. Noel called his brother a “very angry man” in a recent interview and specified it would take millions to get them back together for just one gig.

Still that could all change with the upcoming premiere of ‘Supersonic’. Director Mat Whitecross speaking with Rolling Stone, said the band may get back together for the film’s premiere and fellow English rock maverick Chris Martin of Coldplay playing the role of mediator.

Yet the brother’s quarrel seems to stayed active on social media with Liam posted the not-so-subtle tweet after seeing this trailer before it was posted.

Let’s just hope Noel and Liam can patch it up and give it a go again.