Six Flags Great America launching a new roller coaster ‘The Joker’



(Six Flags Great America)

Today Six Flags Great America announced that they would be adding a 15th roller coaster to their Gurnee park with a ‘free fly’ style ride called ‘the Joker’ in the 2017 season. The new ride which uses the popular DC Comics character as it’s theme, is modeled after a ride that opened in 2015 called ‘Batman: the Ride’ and resides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. ‘The Joker’ will open right next to Great America’s ‘Batman’ coaster which opened in 1992.  “We are excited to continue our partnership with the DC brand as it continues to resonate well with our guests. The Joker is undeniably one of the greatest Super-Villains of all time.This free-fly coaster will perfectly capture the essence of the warped and unpredictable nature of The Joker. It will take our park to the next level of thrills.” said Hank Salemi, Six Flags Great America park president, in a statement.

The Joker ride will feature “smooth head-over-heels free-fly flips, providing guests the feeling of weightlessness as they soar outside the confines of a traditional track.” It was designed by Sansei Technologies, out of Utah. “The wing seats amp up the pandemonium since riders will experience this wild adventure with no track above or below — just the sky, ground and plenty of sinister thrills.”

So prepare to bring your wimpy friends like me with you for this ride where everyone gets to be an ‘agent of chaos’.

So here is a look at what the physical thrill of ‘the Joker’ will be…remember this is nothing like the Batman ride we have at Great America