Nine TV Shows are shooting in Chicago: Find out where they are here

Ever stroll through a neighborhood or the downtown area and see TV productions trucks all parked together ? Ever want to wander over and act like your a part of the crew so you can stooge some food off the catering table? Oh, don’t judge me! Like you never wanted to do the same thing!

Chicago has become quite the destination for TV shows to shoot and use as a location to tell stories with a striking yet varied urban landscape. And currently that fact is even more real, as nine different shows are in production in and around Chicago. DNAinfo in their studious journalistic greatness have compiled an active map of what show’s are filming and where they are shooting so you can stalk that hot guy on ‘Chicago Fire’ who looks more like an underwear model than a real Chicago Fireman. Sorry, not all heroes have abs and a cutting jawline that makes you want to text your girlfriends about.

The following TV shows are all shooting around Chicago:


The Exorcist

Chicago Fire

Chicago PD

Chicago MED

Chicago Justice




Here is a look at APB from FOX which is a tech-driven cop drama.