Kings of Leon prep new album for October


Kings of Leon will release a new album ‘Walls’ on October 14th, after working in Los Angeles with producer Markus Dravs  who had previously worked with Arcade Fire, and Florence and the Machine, and Coldplay. Kings have been teasing the album with snippets on social media for the past couple of days (see them at the bottom of this page) after there was very little knowledge of what the band was doing anything at all  after they concluded the touring for 2013’s ‘Mechanical Bull’. In an interview with Billboard, Caleb Followill of KOL teased the new album, how the band didn’t want to be compared rapper Drake, and how the band does not care about how ‘big’ is perceived to be.  “There comes a point when you realize you’ve lost that passion and that hunger,” says Caleb. “You’re chastened and want to get it back — and in order to get it back it’s like, ‘Forget about record sales, forget about the size of the venue you’re playing, forget about any of that stuff.’ says Followill. Read the whole interview here. 

Walls Track List

1. “Waste A Moment”
2. “Reverend”
3. “Around The World”
4. “Find Me”
5. “Over”
6. “Muchacho”
7. “Conversation Piece”
8. “Eyes On You”
9. “Wild”
10. “WALLS”

Here is a stirring performance of KOL deeper cut ‘Closer’ from ‘Late Night’ in 2013.