A Boozy Bob Odenkirk Will Narrate Disco Demolition For ‘Drunk History’


(from chicagoist.com)

The infamous Disco Demolition has a Rashomon-like tendency to divide interpretation. So perhaps it was inevitable that the much-debated “night disco died” would find itself cast under the three-sheets-to-the-wind historical lens of Comedy Central’s Drunk History. In the show, a narrator is plied with booze then asked to recount his or her historical event. According to the Tribune, Naperville native Bob Odenkirk will do the inebriated honors. In July 1979, disco-hating Loop DJ Steve Dahl and White Sox promotions manager Mike Veeck organized a stunt that has since become the stuff of legend. Ninety-eight cents plus a disco record got stadium-goers admission to a Sox-vs.-Tigers double-header. The collected vinyl was then blown up in the outfield following the first game, prompting a massive rush onto the field and all manner of pandemonium. The second game was forfeited, and disco was declared DOA. (MORE HERE)

I am lucky enough to get to work down the hallway from Chicago radio icon, or as I call him, ‘Mr. Dahl’. His brilliance and stature as one of the radio greats in the business goes beyond what he has become nationally known for but that said, this is pretty freakin’ cool!! If you’re a fan of ‘Drunk History’ you know having Bob Odenkirk as the narrator is huge. Way to go Stever!!!… I mean Mr. Dahl!! – Marconi