You can make your Twitter or Facebook into a ‘Stranger Thing’


The warped synth key strokes and the wide pan out through jarring neon letters, you are in the twisted pre-teen scifi world of ‘Stranger Things’. The show which has been a massive hit on Netflix, really hit me with that opening graphic which makes an omage to 80’s horror, Stephen King, and Speilberg movies. The series is just everything you love about science fiction and horror rolled together in this nice keyboard sountrack. If you can not get enough of ‘Stranger Things’, some wonderful computer wizards have created a generator that can make your name or any phrase pop up with those electric letters in a downloadable graphic. You can spice up your Twitter or FB real quick with this. You just plug in the letters at

If your clamoring for future seasons of the show, ‘Stranger Things’ creators dish here about the show’s future here.