‘The Nightly Show’ with Larry Wilmore has been canceled


‘The Nightly Show’ with former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Larry Wilmore as it’s satirical host will no longer be nightly, as it was revealed yesterday the show has been cancelled by Comedy Central. The show’s final episode will air this Thursday at 10:30 PM with the internet-riff fest ‘@Midnight’ will be takeover that spot until a new show is created. ‘Nightly’ which was created to replace the departing ‘Colbert Report’ ran for 20 months with 260 episodes, featured Wilmore with a field segments and panel discussions joking politics and society.

Comedy Central president Kent Alterman elaborated on the move with Rolling Stone, saying “hasn’t connected with our audience in ways that we need it to” with ratings and viral content. Wilmore responded to the cancellation in stride, saying “Our show going off the air has to only mean one thing: Racism is solved. We did it!”

Wilmore’s comedic response to the recent intense situations with the African-American community and police officials were refreshing and smart. His talents will find their way into another TV or film project, he’s just too good to not ‘keep it 100’ somewhere in the biz of show. He’s already proven himself a tested entertainment vet with writing work for radio star Rick Dees, ‘Living Color’ on FOX, and his long run on ‘Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart. Oh, and he co-created one of the most underrated comedies ‘The PJs’ with Eddie Murphy.

One of the most memorable hits from ‘Nightly’ was Wilmore was playing the time-traveled TV host from the ’70s ‘Soul Dadddy’ struggling to understand how different the world is today as he attempts to host a discussion.