DESIGNER BABIES: Genetic Engineering is making science fiction into reality


Kurzgesagt is one of the more thought-provoking Youtube channels out there now, so it’s no surprise that their latest science video is an eye-opening journey into genetic modifications and how it will literally change all life on Earth in the future. This is not a science fiction cartoon, it’s an animated easy-to-follow video displaying the shockingly real world of modifying genetics in lifeforms like animals, plants, and even humans. The video shows how ‘GM’ science is helping to reduce life-threatening diseases but the most controversial part comes from the creation of modified babies. That’s right, you pick and choose ‘mods’ to babies before they are born if this tech delivers on it’s potential. This revolutionary movement in GM science is called CRISPR.

The best line in this is analogy about genetic engineering being like computers in the 1970’s, scientists knew their would be better computers in the future. We can make genetic modified humans with less diseases and maybe even reduce aging itself, if this technology can be applied to human embryos.

Man, I just want to be able to eat an entire pizza to myself and not feel bad about it, can we do a genetic mod for that?