13 Second TV Shows: NBC launching new content on Snapchat


NBC Universal announced yesterday that they will be launching exclusive spin off content on the social media video app Snapchat. The partnership will see first-run episodic Snapchats from ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’. The popular singing competition TV show ‘The Voice’ will also integrate the app as way for new competitors to join show. NBC already committed a big presence for Olympics on the app earlier this year.

The move seems beneficial for both parties, Snapchat which is quite popular with the youngsters today, is trying to be a new mobile TV platform but does not have “taraditional hit shows” as the Verge put it, and NBC gets to expose their shows in big way to get new viewers.

Still how will this work? Are you going to binge watch an entire season of ‘Jimmy Fallon Goes Get a Latte’ 13-second episodes during a lunch break? This seems to be way things are going as our collective attention-spans get shorter than that of your average Goldfish, for real that is actually happening. 

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