Delightful Des Plaines Guy has made homemade horror movies for 25 years

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Some movies are bad.Sometimes they are good, but sometimes it does not matter when the person behind them is simply so charismatic,whimiscal, and wonderfully weird.

Such is the case with Des Plainnes film maker David ‘the Rock’ Nelson. He’s made homemade horror movies like ‘the Devil Ant’ , ‘Miss Werewolf’ and ‘The Giant Horny Toad Monster’ on a cam corder since the 80’s.  Nelson gets the films out by duplicating them himself and mailing them out of his house. With production values that look like literal shoe strings holding up monsters and store bought costumes, he enthusiastically performs most of the parts himself. If you live next to him, seeing the Rock (No, not Dwayne Johnson) running around his yard in a mummy costumes is just another day but for him it’s another movie to make. Nelson who and has no problem mugging it up on camera occasionally for WGN Chanel 9 and promoting his madcap movies himself at various fan conventions. But his lovable off-the-wall personality is on full display in this June episode of ‘Outsider’ a documentary web series by VICE covering the minds behind the odd world of B-movies, watch it below.

The episode entitled “On the Road with the World’s Most Hyperactive Horror Director” does make it clear that going on a cross country trip with Nelson can be challenging, considering he never has an ‘off’ switch but you can’t deny the guy is a genuine character who shows it’s great to just be yourself.

Plus You got to love that Chicaaaaaaago accent. Congrats to the Rock on his success at legitimately making fun stuff for over 25 years.