And We Thought Thunderstorms Were Scary


To be honest, thunderstorms in the Chicagoland area can get scary at times. Just seeing them roll in from the east with those dark ominous clouds can get anyone shaking in their boots. Unfortunately, I think that we may have found something that is just a tad scarier then a thunderstorm. Not only does it involve thunder and lightning, but it also has molten rock and ash along with the possibility of an earthquake before or after. Yes, I am talking about a volcano erupting and not only did it erupt, but it produced its own lightening at the same exact time! There was a video taken in Japan of the Sakurajima volcano in slow motion and not only can you see the exact moment it erupts, but also how it produces its own lightning! I think we should all be very thankful all we have to deal with here in the Chicagoland area that involves lightning are thunderstorms. You can check out the video below!