My Chemical Romance are NOT getting back together


Sad news guys, the jubilant of post of many a black eye-shadow wearing gal and a black demin wearing guy yesterday may have all been for nothing, as 00’s alt band My Chemical Romance is not happening. The rumor mill was churning at full blast yesterday when the band’s official website and social medias all flipped to a new logo and teased the date September 23, 2016. The speculation got to fever pitch with a video that simply played off the opening notes of ‘the Black Parade’ as a flag waved in the sky. It seemed like a graceful tease for the return of Gerard Way and company to get us screaming we’re not okaaaaaay again.

Yet MCR clarified today in a Facebook post that they indeed not launching a reunion in anyway, but are simply releasing a 10th anniversary edition of ‘the Black Parade’ album. 

We’ve been really touched and blown away by the response to the teaser trailer. We are not touring and there is no reunion planned – only a release for the anniversary of The Black Parade. Thanks so much for continuing to keep MCR in your minds and in your hearts.

My Chemical Romance 

MCR broke up in 2013. You can get the whole story on what they’ve been up to since then here.