Nintendo made BILLIONS already off that game that everyone is playing


Yes, that game that everyone is playing a.k.a the new supreme ruler of the world Pokemon Go has proven in less than two weeks since it’s release to be a huge money maker for Nintendo. Bloomberg reported the Japanese video game company had the biggest turnover on the Tokyo Stock Exchange trading  $4.5 Billion worth of stock on Friday. Overall it’s a 71% rise in one week.So does this mean that when Nintendo has it’s holiday party that Super Mario will be drinking in the corner, while everyone is talking to Pikachu and Squirrtle?

Nintendo is not the only company to benefit from this titanic move that has everyone trying to ‘catch them all’. Niantic, the mobile game developer behind the game and of course the Pokemon Company  will eventually reap the rewards of the PkGo mania. But the buck does not stop there, as many advantageous entrepreneurs have created businesses off the game as detailed by here Game Zebo.  

We’ve been covering the Pokemon craze all week so whether your enjoying the game as a distraction from reality with ‘augmented reality’ or you just laugh at people walking into things with their face in their phone, check out these stories looking into the whole thing.