Prepare to make a mixtape with Netflix

Netflix today added a feature this week to their life-consuming VOD service that you may think was already available but is not, until now. Sold simply as “Like a Mixtape for Netflix” , Flixtape is a new feature that allows you to title and assemble specific lists of shows to share with friends.

You could do a whole group of Holiday themed episodes of sitcoms or just the episodes of ‘Family Guy’ where Stewie and Brian go on an adventure. The possibilities are huge for Netfix fans to make a fun way to keep a certain mood or tone over a specific session of TV watching. A service that is already flexible to it’s user, is now able to modified even more by users.

There is several big changes coming to Netflix as well. As we reported in June, the company is flirting with the idea of letting users download their shows in some way in the future. And they scored a win recently that will upset a lot of ex-boyfriends or roommates you don’t live with anymore, when it was ruled in federal court that sharing your password was a ‘federal crime’.  So hang in there, the video on-demand world is a ‘changing.

And of course, Netflix will never stops it’s content shuffle of adding and dropping movies and TV shows. Fun news for comedy fans recently was the announcement that legendary writer and actor Albert Brooks will have his films on the Net very soon. This announcement video is worth the watch, especially if you enjoy dark humor.