CREEPY: Who is the Masked Bride?!



In Toronto a city famous for great comedy and being the site of Wrestlemania VI, now has another claim to fame. A mysterious ‘Maksed Bride’ is sitting in public spaces and leaving cryptic notes in public spaces. People have posted about seeing her all over the city, sitting with no interaction to anyone around her, and leaving crumbled notes at her feet. The notes are pretty out there with odd references to alt rock great Nick Cave and partial phrases in French. So hopefully she is not late for her wedding or maybe she missed her wedding…or is she running away from a wedding so she’s wearing a mask?! So many questions left unanswered.

Theories locally are running rampant. Some think it’s an elaborate performance art piece or a gorilla marketing campaign of some kind. Whatever it is, it’s weird and intriguing  for sure,

TV and Radio student Robert Wharry caught video of the Masked Bride when working on a project in the street. He has stated he is connected to the Bride in anyway, but felt compelled to film when he saw her randomly writing notes in downtown Toronto.