Judge orders Double Door to vacate Wicker Park location


Judge Orville Hambright Jr ordered today in Cook County court that the acclaimed rock club Double Door must vacate it’s space at the ‘six corners’ of Wicker Park which it has occupied for more than 20 years. Hambright emphasized that the ruling was made because the management failed to notify the building’s landlord last year that they intended to extend it’s lease. Double Door management and the landlord will be back in court on August 4th to figure out when the club must leave the space which is located directly next to the Damen CTA Blue Line train station.

Lawyers representing the Double Door stated the club and the landlord Brian Strauss were under an understanding that the club would continue in the space after spending $83,000 on renovations. Double Door faced similar eviction issues in 2005, but came to an agreement to avoid leaving.

Hambright also stated he hopes both sides can meet privately and saying he “prefer(s) you all negotiate your own situation,” Now if that means there is a last ditch opportunity for the Door’s survival is yet to be seen but it does not look good for this great music venue.

Meanwhile, Double Door is still promoting shows into February of 2017.