Blink-182 Remix Roundup



verything old is new again. Grown-ass people are playing Pokémon Go and listening to new music from Blink-182. People are so jazzed on the pop-punk band’s reunion, listeners bumped Drake from the top spot of the Billboard chart. They may be coming at us sans Tom DeLonge, but fans don’t seem to mind. This country’s got a fever of 182, and the only thing that’ll cure it is more Blink beats. (MORE HERE)

Rock bands can’t churn out music as fast as dance music producers, but producers can upload Blink stems to their laptops and make studio magic. If you find yourself suffering from a Blink deficiency, we suggest pressing play on these remixes. Hey, it’s something.

Ryan Hemsworth – Feelin’ This (Hemsworth Sees Aliens Too Version)

DeLonge left Blink-182 to go catch UFOs, or something like that. Ryan Hemsworth is feelin’ that, so he went in on the 2003 hit. It’s a dope cut from the producers remix collection Ryanpack Vol. 2.

Steve Aoki – Bored to Death

Before Dim Mak signed cutting edge dance artists, it was a label well respected for its indie rock cuts. Aoki proves he can still walk the genre line on his rework of Blink’s latest megahit. This isn’t even officially out yet. Enjoy. (MORE HERE)