I Scream For Ice Cream!

We all remember running down the street when we heard those magical tunes coming from what looked like a broken down truck. Yes you guessed it, I am talking about chasing those amazing Ice Cream Trucks that had all of our favorite summer treats on board. I bet you can still name them all, the sundae cone, strawberry bars, the baseball glove on a stick, the chocolate taco, the list goes on and on. There were so many treats to try to in such short amount of time, that we would always resort back to our favorites and not try any others.

Due to that lack of time that we had when we were kids, a group has been so kind to do all the tasting for us and rank the top 12 Ice Cream Truck Treats that one could want. Of course some of us may disagree on how they ranked the essentials, because I was shocked to see my favorite, the ice cream sandwich, come in at #5! If you want to see how they ranked the other 11 essential Ice Cream Truck treats, click HERE!

Once you see how they ranked them, go ahead and let us know what flavors would be in your top 12!