The List To Rule Them All (So Far)!


Just in case you were wondering, there have been 336 Alt Rock songs to go #1 on the Alt Rock chart since 1988. There have been some great bands that have been #1 like AWOLNATION, Green Day, The Black Keys, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and more. But then there has been some not so great bands that today we would question how they even got to be #1. Don’t worry, I will spare your eyes from seeing those names in this post.

Our friends over at Consequence Of Sound did what none of us have time to do, make a list of all 336 #1 Alt Rock songs and rank them from worst to best! I’m not going to lie, seeing some of the songs that have made it to #1 really make me question our human existence. Then again, seeing some of the songs on the list that I forgot were great made it all better, at least a little bit! You can see the mega list HERE!

After looking at the list (if you have that much free time), do you agree with their top 10 songs? If you don’t, what would be your top 10?