Whose Your #1?

saturday-night-live-1992-678x381Have you ever caught yourself thinking throughout the day, “Man I wish (insert name here) was still on SNL”? We all have that list in our heads of who we think are the best cast members to ever take the stage on Saturday Night Live. Everyone from Chris Kattan, Chris Farley, and Sarah Silverman would all make my list of the best cast members of all time, but we never had an official list everyone could look at. Well all that just changed, Rolling Stone put together a list of where all 141 cast members of Saturday Night Live would rank. I won’t tell you their top 5, but I will tell you mine:

5. Gilda Radner

4. Bill Murray

3. Tina Fey

2. Adam Sandler

1. John Belushi

If you want to see how everyone officially ranked go ahead and click HERE!

What cast members would be in your top 5?