Two Brothers Artisan Brewing

Twenty-one years ago, the Ebel brothers followed their passion and founded Two Brothers Artisan Brewing. Since then, that passion project has grown from a two-man operation into a multi-category lifestyle brand that includes award-winning craft beer, specialty-grade coffee, five artisan restaurants and a line of hand-crafted spirits. As a Chicago craft beer pioneer for over two decades, Two Brothers currently brews seven year-round beers, nine seasonals and a number of special releases throughout the year. With a passion for producing high-quality, well-balanced beers that push the boundaries of flavor and innovation, Two Brothers remains 100% family owned and staunchly independent.
Two Brothers supports those who follow their passion, like the band who pours their heart into every song or the musician who lives to make music. It’s a passion you can hear at every show and in every song. At Two Brothers, it’s something you can taste with every pour and in every sip. Follow Your Passion. Drinks Ours.

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