Your boss might soon be installing a “sloped toilet” to cut down on your bathroom breaks

The Slanty toilet is here and it could soon be altering your workday. The internal parts function like a standard toilet, but its seat profile is far from standard. Rather than the traditional horizontal toilet seat, the top of the Slanty tilts down at an angle, changing the user’s body position.

While there are health and sanitary benefits to these toilets, Family Handyman notes, “For commercial customers, Slanty markets its product as a subtle way for management to cut down on prolonged bathroom breaks. Per the Slanty website, an eight- to 13-degree downward slant will reduce average time in the restroom by more than 25 percent. But let’s be honest: Is there any more passive-aggressive way to show you don’t trust your employees than installing uncomfortable toilets?”

If you see moderations being made to your workplace bathroom, just know that it’s because you were hanging out in there for far too long.