Paramore perform fan favorite ‘Misery Business’ for the first time in years!

Back in 2018, Paramore decided to take out their hit, “Misery Business’ from their setlist due to lyrics that could be construed as sexist. Lead singer, Hayley, recently announced that they’re bringing it back and said this before they played it again in their live show, “Four years ago, we said we were gonna retire this song for a little while, and I guess technically we did. What we did not know was that just about five minutes after I got canceled for saying the word ‘whore’ in a song, all of TikTok decided that it was ok. Make it make sense.”  She thanked the fans for being nostalgic and seemed genuinely excited to play it again too. Listen to the crowd go wild in the beginning, it’ll give you chills! I’ll admit, I’d be pretty disappointed if I went to a Paramore show and didn’t hear this song! No one cancel Hayley again, OK?! -Ali