Queued Up Playlist 12/12

Boywithuke                                        Toxic

Kulick                                                    Time to Go

Wilderado                                           Hard Right

Maneskin                                            I Wanna Be Your Slave

Blood red Shoes                               Morbid Fascination

Aurora                                                  Giving in to the Love

Welshly Arms                                    Are You Lonely

Jack White                                          Taking Me Back

Girl in Red                                           I’ll Call You Mine

The Districts                                       I Want to Feel It All

Nothing Nowhere                            Pieces of You

Oliver Tree                                          Life Goes On

Taking Back Sunday                         My Name is Jonas

Wet Leg                                               Too Late Now

Beach House                                      Once Twice Melody

Beach Bunny                                      Oxygen

Spill Tab                                               Velcro

The Walters                                        I Love You So

Gayle                                                    abcdefu

Day Wave                                            Where Do You Go

Inhaler                                                  Cheer Up Baby

Wolf Alice                                            Smile

Yungblud                                             Fleabag

Dancing on Tables                            Oh

The Lazy Eyes                                    Fuzz Jam

Hippo Campus                                   Boys

GIovannie and the Hired Guns    Ramon Ayala

Bad Suns                                              Heaven Is a Place In My Head

Momma                                               Medicine

Coin                                                       Chapstick

Simple Plan                                         The Antidote

Lo Moon                                              Dream Never Dies