Woman swallows AirPod by mistake: thought it was ibuprofen

A woman in Boston is sharing a warning — don’t store your ibuprofen in the same container that hold your AirPods.

While not paying 100% attention, she downed what she thought was a painkiller with a bottle of water. It turned out to be — not a painkiller.

The video was shared on TikTok this month by user Carli B (@iamcarliiib), who also shared a few follow up videos — including an apparent voice memo she recorded while the Apple product was, ummm…..in transit inside her body?

This isn’t the first story we’ve shared about eating AirPods. So — let’s see if we can avoid anymore repeats, shall we? [Video Below: WARNING, NSFW Language]


For ✨educational✨ purposes heres what happened when I mixed up my #airpod and an ibuprofen. Here to share awareness #LevisMusicProject #fyp

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