Would you send a hotter lookalike to your high school reunion?

VICE is known for producing some very interesting documentaries but this one sticks out especially if you did not think you were cool in high school. VICE’s Oobah Butler via his app, Oobah connects people with people who look like them to go do things they just do not want to do. Stephen in Maryland does not want to go back to his high school reunion and this huge project is put together to send a hotter and more sociable ‘Stephen’ in his place.

They cast the lookalike and found a musician to play the role who actually looks like Stephen but certainly has the more ideal look that might impress people who have not seen him in years. It is quite the 22-minute watch and he has to get a big ‘tattoo’ that says ‘CHICKS DIG ME’ on his back before he thrills his classmates as if he is an international touring rock musician and not a dentist. You are rooting for the prank to be pulled off without a hitch but then there is a huge awkward scene that we will not spoil here.