Watch the Foo Figthers & Rise Against full SOS Fest sets

The Save Our Stages Fest provided three days of needed hekp to independent music venues in need but that does not stop you from watching the previous day’s sets with your donations now. You can still watch all three days on YouTube and continue to donate.  Here are two must-see performances from two cherished alternative bands.

The Troubadour in Los Angeles has been linked the 80’s hey day of hair bands and rise of epic debaucherous rock ‘n roll nights but this weekend it was the room ran by Foo Fighters. In this set posted above, Dave Grohl and company performed a an acoustic set featuring hair-raising renditions of ‘Everlong’, ‘These Days’, ‘Skin & Bones’ and more songs that will bring you to tears.

Meanwhile right here in Chicago just a few blocks north of Wrigley Field, Rise Against pulled off a brillant full-electric set in the Metro. To say it wan emotional set would be under selling it. The set featured ‘Give it All’ , ‘Re-education through labor’ and more songs that make you wish you were pumping your fist in a sweaty crowd. This is mandatory viewing for any fan of RA, alternative music, and any Chicago music fan. Do what you can for the venues, the crews, the staff behind the bar, and beyond working for our local venues in need. Here is how YOU can act with the National Independent Venue Association.