History of Alternative: Deftones went beyond ‘nu metal’ with ‘White Pony’

As we feel the retrospective energies of History of Alternative on 101WKQX come near their end on-air, it’s interesting to see how some established bands have shredded the label that music culture put on them and evolved over the years. One of the best examples of this is Deftones who with their exceptional ‘White Pony’  album, separated themselves from the ‘nu-metal’ trend of heavier bands with lyrics about inner torment.  Chino Morino and the crew pushed it with dreamy ballads, ambiance, and shoegaze sauce on top of their proven rock body of work. The album still stands proudly as one of their best works with some memorable cameos on vocals from Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland and Tool’s Maynard James Keenan. Trash Theory on YouTube produced this insightful short documentary on how ‘White Pony’ helped California group break from a pack of bands they were just lumped in within the late ’90’s. It also has stories around the creation of the music that is amusing with a haunted house, ‘knife paries’, and debauchery all playing a part.

If you are enjoying the History of Alternative, keep your ears out for the new podcast series from 101WKQX of the same name. The podcast will dig deep into the vast worlds of alternative and the stories of the bands who formed our collective lives. Yes, it will be really cool.

You can stream it in  Also, scroll down to hear how Deftones have evolved with their latest ‘Ohms’.

‘Ohms’ was recently released to some great reviews.