Chicago comedians host their own ‘MTV Movie Awards’

MTV is airing the VMAs tonight, an annual reminder that they used to feature music a lot more and still post content about it online. Their other annual event the MTV Movie Awards was postponed indefinitely due to the current pandemic, but that did not stop ‘SNL’ writer Steven Castillo from creating 40-minute hilarious spoof of an award show that was always just a pop culture curveball on the Oscars. From telling hammy two liners with spliced-in footage of bored celebrities to the gratuitous use of green screens, Castillo makes you think the MTV Movie Awards are somehow airing on Adult Swim.

Castillo spent several years on comedy stages around Chicago, before moving east a few years ago. It’s nice to see several other midwest converts like Tyler Snodgrass, Meg Stalter, and more contribute to this must-see mini-movie. SNL cast members Chriss Redd and Melissa Villasenor also make cameos here as well. If you really like this, go ahead and share the link

In the original video post, Castillo called for viewers to help out those in the need in New York City. Donate to Community Service Society of New York at:

2020 MTV Movie Awards With Steven Castillo! from MTV Movie Awards 202 on Vimeo.