Will MLB get back on the field in 2020?

The owners and the players have gone back and forth in testy negotiations on how to handle a shortened 2020 seasons, but the latest amended proposal was put out by the league to the players yesterday with “significantly more money” being offered according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. The two sides do not seem to be close on an agreement.

There is a lot of challenges to making it all work out especially with player compensation, the amount of games, draft selections, and what would happen if there is a second Coronavirus outbreak in the fall right around the time the World Series playoffs would start.

The sports world has been adapting to our COVID-19 circumstances with the NHL, NBA, PGA, and MLS have already put plans into action to get play back with no fans and cameras rolling to broadcast the action. Baseball is trailing behind other leagues which have made adaptions, but would it be summer without us talking trash between Cubs and White Sox fans?

Sports podcast good guy Pat McAfee laid into the whole issue proclaiming this could be really bad if a deal can not be reached soon.