Eddie Vedder’s wild stories about Dennis Rodman

Tonight we get even more of the must-see documentary ‘the Last Dance’ which shows off the memorable play of the 90’s Chicago Bulls who had many characters off the court, including the rebounding wild man Dennis Rodman. ‘The Worm’ was known for spending a lot of time off court partying and enjoying life to the fullest. One night in Seattle as the Bulls were practicing before taking on the then-very formidable Sonics the next day, Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder was trying to get the raucous Rodman to calm down and do some relaxing reading, but Rodman was not having it. It was 6pm in Seattel, by 9:30 that night Rodman and Vedder were right off stage at a Jane’s Addiction. show in Las Vegas. You can listen to Vedder tell the whole story during a recent podcast interview with sports wizard Bill Simmons.

Rodman sat down with Genius to get quized about “his” band, Pearl Jam. Damn, Rodman really knows PJ. He even has a Carman Electra / Cypress Hill story in here.